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Front-end Design Services


The starting point for a custom SoC can be an idea, a concept, a block diagram or a specification. Qualchip’s front-end team will work with the customer to review the availablility of design and manufacturing technologies, select the right solution for each and every project. Qualchip front-end team will work with customer to create a complete product development plan including specification, system architecture, RTL design and verification, FPGA design and emulation, etc.

Qualchip’s front-end team has strong vertical expertise that can enable customer to minimize the amount of needed engineering efforts, design cycle and cost. Customers can believe that, on the basis of optimal quality, the function and performance of SoC will be surely achieved by Qualchip.

Qualchip can provide the following detail service for system houses and design houses. 


  - Specification to RTL / Netlist

  - SoC design and verification platform
  - FPGA solution

  - FPGA design to ASIC design conversion
  - Algorithm to RTL / Netlist
  - Specific IP design and verification


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